CMP Outfit Guide

Light, Airy Neutrals

Earthy tones like beiges, peaches, neutral (sage) greens and soft blues look best. Men in jeans or khakis with a button down, sweater, polo or shirt without a logo.

Dark Colors

Blacks can be tough but also gorgeous. small patterns and texture helps. dark greys, burnt oranges, burgundys, olives are very nice on the eyes. When wearing black, add in some pattern, texture, or other color so you don't all blend together.

Neutrals & Jewel Colors

Colors such as ruby, topaz, sapphire - basically bright neutrals - give a gorgeous pop of color in your photos. Beiges/tans/ and browns are also beautiful in every setting.

Patterns & Textures

Small patterns and textures are beautiful. large patterns tend to be distracting. Limit to 1-2 people in patterns depending on group size.

Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses tend to be flattering and move nicely. We want flowy though, not baggy. Tapered waists and fitted are also great.

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One more tip...

Choosing a color scheme works well. Select either mama's outfit and/or the patterned outfit first. Then select everyone else's outfits around that. This allows mama to wear what she is comfortable in and/or build your colors based on the patterned outfit you have selected.


AVOID DRESSING TOO CASUAL. You will like your photos more if you dress up a little. You don't need to be in cocktail or black tie attire. However, you will enjoy not looking like you are going to a casual lunch.

DON'T BE TOO MATCHY MATCHY. Do use color palettes and schemes. The exact same color throughout will not give you the best outcome.

SAY NO TO NEON. Neon colors are very bright and distracting. Stick with the neutral colors above. Avoid large logos also.

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Newborn Sessions!

Mama - this can be a tough time to pick an outfit. I had the hardest time deciding for my own photos even! All of the guidelines above still apply, but I have a few more recommendations!

  • Depending on the color of your bedroom and nursery
  • If your house is neutral you will more likely want a pop of color (peachy, sage, light blues go nice with neutral rooms)
  • If your house has more color, you will more likely want more neutrals (beige, ivory/white, possibly chambray or light blue button down on dad)
  • In the winter especially, jeans and sweaters are so cozy and give a fun homey feel
  • Jeans are always great (if they don't button, just make sure you have on a long shirt haha - and I FEEL that!)
  • Dresses that cinch under the bust area tend to be flattering
  • Blacks are beautiful IF you have a lot of natural light in the room and/or lighter colors in the room
  • I have a beige, mauve, and light blue swaddle that we can use for your little one if you would like

Maternity Sessions

The above tips all still apply! A dress that cinches above the belly or is fitted throughout tends to show off your belly the best. Unbuttoned jeans and a top looks great too with a button down or a shacket. I love this look especially at the beach!

Client Closet

If you are interested in any of the below outfits - let me know! I have these available to wear at no additional cost!


Do you give out RAW files?

I do not. RAW photos are just as they sound - straight out of the camera, giant files. RAW files do not accurately portray my artistic style and I'd hate to see something I took re-edited from the beginning!

Do you keep the copyright?

As a photographer, I will retain the copyright for all of your photos. This means you have personal usage rights for the photos, but technically, I own them. You cannot sell them or use them for advertising purposes, but, please, post them all over your socials, walls, and mail grandma a beautiful canvas.

Can you photoshop me more?

I most definitely can upon request for an extra charge. Contact me and we can discuss details of what you would like done and pricing.

Can I order prints?

YES, PLEASE! Printing your photographs is SO important to cherish those memories - for you and your family. Contact me and we can discuss what you want. I can get you high quality prints, canvas, framed prints, even prints on metal!

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about your outfits or any other questions to prepare for your photos!