Embracing precious beginnings: cherishing every smile, every tiny hand and foot. As a parent myself, I understand the value of freezing these fleeting moments before they transform. My purpose is to capture these heartfelt moments for you. Pregnancy and the arrival of a newborn mark incredible, awe-inspiring chapters. Let's seize these memories, from the glow of pregnancy to the first weeks of your baby's life. Time whizzes by (clichéd, yet accurate!), so let's ensure these one-of-a-kind moments are forever preserved. Let me be your Jacksonville, FL maternity and newborn photographer, dedicated to preserving these irreplaceable memories.

mom and dad snuggling newborn baby in front of crib in beautiful colorful nursery with dog laying next to them
baby girl laying in crib looking back at camera
mom and dad laying on bed with newborn baby girl
mom helping older daughter kiss hold and kiss newborn brother in the nursery
newborn baby resting on mom's shoulder in black and white
mom and dad kissing holding up newborn baby swaddled
mom and dad sitting on the floor holding newborn baby viewing down from above
newborn photos in the nursery mom and dad in front of crib all in blue
black and white image looking into the nursery of mom and dad holding newborn baby
dad and son looking at each other and holding newborn baby
mom kissing baby snuggling on her shoulder in black and white
dad kissing newborn baby in front of crib
dad kissing mom and holding newborn baby in the nursery
black and white editorial view looking into nursery of the family
mom snuggling onto newborn baby looking at camera with pretty blue eyes
newborn baby laying on moms shoulder from above and mom has bright red hair
documentary/editorial look into the room with mom and dad snuggling newborn baby
mom kissing newborn babys nose close up in black and white
mom admiring dad holding newborn baby
newborn photograph of mom leaning on dads shoulder and holding baby girl in black and white
newborn swaddled and snuggling on mama
newborn photography Jacksonville FL mom and dad holding baby in the nursery smiling
black and white mom kissing newborn baby closeup
newborn photography Jacksonville FL  mom and dad holding new baby sitting in bed smiling
newborn baby hands and he has a bowtie on in black and white
mom and dad holding newborn baby in beautiful white nursery
authentic moment in black and white of mom holding newborn baby and dad playing with toddler
dad holding snuggly newborn baby on his arm
photography of newborn baby toes with toes in focus
mom in the doorway admiring her newborn son and husband
black and white sleeping newborn
dad snuggling newborn baby with toddler playing on his back
newborn photography in Jacksonville FL of mom and dad snuggling newborn sitting in front of crib
newborn baby swaddled in blue in a wicker basket
newborn photography jacksonville fl baby smiling in moms arms
baby hand and mouth
newborn baby in moms hands looking up at her with cute bow on
newborn photography Jacksonville FL  baby face looking up eyes wide open
newborn photography Jacksonville FL  family laughing in bed with newborn baby
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I hope you are as excited for your newborn and maternity photographs as I was for mine. These images really show such an important and miraculous time in your life. I continue to love my photos during pregnancy and when Bennett was only one week old. They are, by far, my favorite photos on my wall. I cannot wait to capture yours for you, and give you that same cheesy smile that I get when I look at mine.

daughter sitting on mama's pregnant belly and dad snuggling them on jacksonville beach fl
pregnant mom on the beach with father admiring her
pregnant mom hugging dads arm and he has ultrasound in his back pocket and a dad hat on
pregnant mom at the beach with two sons with sunset over them
husband kissing pregnant wife in jacksonville beach during sunset
pregnant belly with mom and dad and dog's paw on the belly
pregnant mom smiling and husband kissing her on the cheek
pregnant couple walking down the beach holding hands at sunset
pregnant woman in blue dress in a park during maternity photos
pregnant mom sitting in the sand in white dress holding belly at sunset
beautiful pregnant mom laying on lawn chair and holding dads hands
newborn photography jacksonville fl pregnant women smiling down at belly in pink dress
pregnant woman smiling at the camera in a green dress on the beach with husband kissing her
gorgeous pregnant woman on Jacksonville Beach, fl with husband holding her hand and walking together
silhouette of pregnant woman and dog in big window in black and white
maternity photographers in Jacksonville FL capturing mom sitting with daughter snuggling her belly and son next to them
pregnant mom leaning on dad holding belly from above
pregnant woman in jeans and belly out at sunset on a rooftop downtown
maternity photographer in Jacksonville FL capturing laughs of pregnant mom and dad
pregnant couple sitting on the beach at Jacksonville FL sunrise
mom and dad touching foreheads and holding maternity belly on the beach with the pier behind
pregnant mom leaning on dad sitting on the beach
pregnant couple snuggling in the park in jacksonville fl
pregnant mom snuggling with dad laughing as daughter plays on the beach
mom and dad holding pregnant belly with jeans on
jacksonville maternity photographer couple sitting on beach with ultrasound husband kissing wife forehead
jacksonville maternity photographer husband in suit leading wife in red dress on the beach smiling at sunset
jacksonville maternity photographer pregnant woman sitting on beach with belly out looking away with blue flower crown
jacksonville maternity photographer woman on the beach in tight red dress showing off belly at sunset looking back
jacksonville maternity photographer husband leading pregnant wife on the beach in blue dress showing off belly
jacksonville maternity photographer pregnant belly with mom and dads hands making a heart
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Like what you see?

I am so excited for you to allow me to become your newborn and maternity photographer here in Jacksonville, FL. These are honestly some of my favorite sessions because these are such exciting times happening in your life. I love to see that excitement on your face and hear about the ups (and downs) of your pregnancy and see the smiles on your snuggly newborn's face. I also love hearing how amazing the changes in your life have been.

CreativE Maternity photos!

Maternity photos allow for beautiful creativity to show off that gorgeous belly of yours. Please, please let me know if you want something 'nontraditional' for your maternity photos. I would absolutely LOVE to take these for you. I did a milk bath during my pregnancy, and they are some of my favorite photos ever. If you are considering doing something like this - let me know and we will have so much fun setting it up and capturing some amazing images of you.

creative maternity photography Jacksonville FL tulle dress at the beach

This maternity dress is available for your maternity photo use in my client closet also. Ask me what else is available when you inquire!