happy family on Jacksonville beach with father twirling daughter

Light, Airy Colors

earthy tones like beiges, peaches, neutral greens and blues look best. Men in jeans and khakis with a button down or sweater or polo.

Dark Colors

blacks can be tough but gorgeous when done right. small patterns and texture helps. burnt orange, burgundy, olive/sage are usually nicer on the eyes.

happy maternity couple sitting on the stairs


small patterns and textures are beautiful. large patterns tend to be distracting. Limit to 1-2 people in patterns depending on group size.

happy maternity couple on the beach with husband kissing wife's hand

Flowy Dresses

Flowy dresses tend to be flattering and move nicely. We want flowy though, not baggy. Tapered waists and fitted are also great.

family playing in the water at Jacksonville Beach
what to wear for family photos
what to wear for family photos
what to wear for family photos

Newborn Sessions

The same rules from above apply. Flowy dresses and simple patterns tend to be flattering. Jeans and a sweater give a very homey feel and is a great choice. Males in jeans or khakis with a simple button down, sweater, plain shirt. A few examples are below.


AVOID DRESSING TOO CASUAL. You will like your photos more if you dress up a little. You don't need to be in cocktail or black tie attire. However, you will enjoy not looking like you are going to a casual lunch.

DON'T BE TOO MATCHY MATCHY. Do use color palettes and schemes. The exact same color throughout will not give you the best outcome.

SAY NO TO NEON. Neon colors are very bright and distracting. Stick with the neutral colors above. Avoid large logos also.

two girls on laying on the beach covering an eye

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions about your outfits or any other questions to prepare for your photos!