Heirloom Portraits.

You’ve, undoubtedly, heard of them since they’ve been around since the late 19th century. I remember seeing these photos of my own parents on the walls of my grandparents' house as a child. I'm pretty sure my dad's own heirloom photo is still in their house!

This classic style of childrens’ photography has been experiencing a resurgence for a couple of years. It’s timeless, nostalgic, almost old-fashioned and can tell such a story.

heirloom portrait in black and white of three brothers snuggling

Captured on a white background and hand-edited, heirloom portraits are characterized by a soft vignette and a gradual fading of the image. They preserve the fleeting beauty of childhood with its innocence, wonder and joy. Heirloom portraits seem to emphasize the creamy skin and sparkling eyes of a child. I hear it over and over again - "wow, look at her eyes".

smiling baby boy looking up to the left in a black and white heirloom portrait style photo
smiling baby girl with a bow heirloom portrait with her tongue sticking out

Chances are that you remember seeing one of these portraits in your parents’ or grandparents’ homes. You may even have one in your home. They have been around for generations – for good reason. They are timeless and they capture the essence of childhood. They were intended to be ‘forever’ pieces of art and this is what they have become. It’s a style of portraiture that is, indeed, here to stay. 

heirloom portrait jacksonville fl of baby girl in black and white looking off

Though the black and white is so timeless and perfect, in my opinion, I also do these portraits in color!

color heirloom portrait of two brothers in blue button downs
heirloom portrait in color of young blonde boy
heirloom portrait in color of baby girl looking off to the right smiling
baby boy heirloom portrait in black and white