family of 5 in jacksonville beach fl with older daughters running toward the camera and parents laughing

The most fun session

Grace & Tyler were so excited to have their family photos taken on the beach while visiting our beautiful Jacksonville, FL from Virginia.

It was one of those weeks, you know, the annoyingly rainy ones. One when the rain wasn't just in the afternoon. And the winds! Oh, my goodness. We were having 20mph winds! We actually had to reschedule our session due to the rain and wind.

We ended up taking photographs in the morning the next day, around 8am. Crossing our fingers the weather held up for a little bit. Thank goodness it did!

dad holding baby up in the air kissing her on jacksonville beach fl and mom kneeling down with other daughters

I tell you; I had the best time taking pictures of this sweet family. We played games. We ran around. And we didn't let the weather win! I mean, check out the family pictures. You would have no idea the winds were strong and we we're hoping the rain would stay away for at least an hour!

See more family photos here!

mom smiling with three daughters
dad kissing youngest daughter and older two hugging dad on jacksonville beach fl


I mean, the entire family! And they are dressed perfect. I always get a lot of questions about what to wear. I have an outfit guide that goes into more detail. Beiges, Sage, and jeans are perfect at the beach and by far one of my favorite colors.

I love seeing snuggles between the girls and with each parent. Their love radiates. I would love to capture your love shining like theirs does! It is my favorite thing to see.

*Peep the daughters matching crab dresses below in true Florida fashion*

mom and dad holding baby and smiling at 2 daughters hugging on the beach

If you're looking for family pictures in Jacksonville FL, I'm your girl!

Caitlin Mae Photography

daughters running towards parents who are waiting to hug them
three daughters in matching dresses on the beach with a crab on the dress
3 daughters running around parents on the beach