What in the world is a mini session that so many photographers are offering?

A mini session is a common type of session photographers often offer, especially around the holidays. "What is a mini photography session?" you may wonder. A mini session is (usually) a quick session - 10-20 minutes long only - with a certain amount of images given to you. These sessions will be scheduled back to back so the photographer will have multiple sessions in a row.

What is the benefit?

There are benefits for everyone in this type of session. First, these sessions are usually cheaper for you! Because your photographer is doing multiple sessions back-to-back and only travelling once, the session fee is less than normal. The other benefit, to a lot of people, is how quick the session is. Usually, these sessions are only 10-20 minutes and you will get 5-25 images (depending on what your photographer is offering, this will be communicated to you before booking). Quick sessions are amazing for families as children do not last very long with a real smile, most of the time, or announcements such as pregnancy or engagement/save the dates, where you only really want a few photos.

When are mini sessions typically held?

This depends entirely on your photographer. A very popular time for them to be held is in October/November so families and couples can have their holiday card photos taken in time to get them printed and sent out. Many photographers will offer multiple sessions throughout the year and for different occasions, such as mommy and me sessions around mothers day, or seasonal mini's for whatever type of session you may be looking for.

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