The most perfect evening

Proposals. Holiday lights. An ideal December evening in Florida. St. Augustine came alive with the magical glow of the holiday lights. Alley thought that she and her boyfriend, Zac, were there, simply, to see the annual Night of Lights and have dinner. Little did Alley know that tonight’s ‘date night’, something that they occasionally enjoyed, would become one of the most memorable nights of her life. Zac was planning to get down on one knee and ask her to become his wife.

man getting ready to propose pulling ring out of back pocket at night of lights in st Augustine proposal

The Lights!

As Zac walked Alley to the center of the square, the beauty of the Night of Lights unfolded. The twinkling lights adorned every corner, and the Christmas tree illuminated the surroundings. St. Augustine's charming streets, lined with restaurants, shops, and adorable spots, created the perfect setting for a romantic evening.

man proposing to woman during night of lights in st Augustine fl
st augustine engagement photos of man proposing to woman during night of lights
woman shocked and happy tears after getting proposed to during st Augustine engagement

The many spectators seemed to clear a path as Zac and Alley, hand in hand, walked toward the Christmas tree. As they admired the splendor, Zac pulled something from his back pocket. The moment that Alley saw the ring, the tears began to flow. They were happy tears (I wish we all looked so good when we cry happy tears!). She had never had the ring on her own finger, however she recognized it! The ring had been on her own mother’s hand for many, many years. A ring in itself, speaks the world. But having your mothers, ring? Absolutely amazing. Her story brought tears to my eyes. (The story is next!)

The Story Behind That Gorgeous Ring

Alley’s parents’ love story began when they were 14 and 15 years old, married at the ages of 20 and 21. A beautiful journey that lasted 24 years, weathering life's trials with unwavering commitment. In 2013, Alley’s mom passed away from breast cancer. Alley told me “their love wasn’t anything like I’d ever seen before. They loved fiercely, down to their core. Their marriage stood strong through many, many trials in life and really showed through during my mom’s battle with breast cancer. I’ve always wanted a love like theirs and finding that in Zac has felt like a fairytale.” Both immigrants from El Salvador, her parent’s did everything they could to give her and her two brothers the American dream. 

Since their engagement, the diamonds were reset, the prongs needed fixing, and Alley was absolutely stunned when she got the ring back. She showed it to her dad and said “I haven’t seen him smile that big. Tears filled his eyes as he told me her ring hadn’t looked that perfect since the day they picked it out. He said he remembers exactly where they got it in LA too.” He is still sensitive when talking about Alley’s mom. Alley is so honored to be able to share this moment with her dad, and looks forward to the day she can pass the ring down to her and Zac’s own daughter.

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No celebration is complete without champagne! A playful champagne spray (kept away from the crowd, of course) adds some extra fun to the festivities. Zac had to chase down their families, as they accidentally walked away with our celebratory bottle! No worries here, as the celebrations continued. After champagne, they were excited to enjoy a nice dinner with their families.

Congratulations to Zac and Alley!

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